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Fire department

Fire services have many tasks. They not only provide assistance during fires, but also when accidents occur it can be the case that fire services are asked for assistance. One could think about a large accident where vehicles get damaged to such an extent, that the driver and passengers cannot leave the vehicle by thesmelves. In these situations, fire services come to the rescue with specialist equipment to free the driver and passengers. 

In a border region such as the Euregion Meuse-Rhine it could, however, be the case that the nearest fire station is not situated in the country, but across the border. In these situations, it has been arranged that the service that is nearest, independent of its location, will deliver assistance. In this way, assistance is delivered as quickly as possible, which is of the utmost importance when every second counts. An example of this, is the tight collaboration between Übach-Palenberg and Landgraaf, where fire services from Übach-Palenberg, post Scherpenseel, are send out simultaneously with the fire services of Zuid-Limburg. 

In addition, agreements have been made between the fire serviceses regarding assistance during large scale incidents and disasters. An example of this is the large fire in the "Hoge Venen" in Belgium, where fire services from Germany were asked to help fight the fire. Another example is the fire in the harbour of Maastricht, where German fire services and measuring equipment were used to fight the fire.