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Hazardous substances

Nowadays we barely notice the borders within Europe. Just as European citizens, nature doesn't abide to national borders. The wind carries micro-organisms and particulate matter to neighbouring countries and fires do not stop at the border. The same applies to infectious diseases, which can quickly develop into cross-border epidemics when they are not immediately recognised and combated. In addition, chemicals and radioactive particles can spread through the air unnoticed and can thereby damage the health of the public elsewhere. Incidents with this type of "hazardous substances" can thereby have far reaching effects. 

Within the Euregion Meuse-Rhine hazardous substances are transported and multiple object can be found where, during incidents, hazardous substances could possibly be released. As the spread of these substances does not halt at the border, the EMRIC collaboration is constantly working on this particular topic. 

During incidents with hazardous substances, it is of the utmost importance that the population is warned in a timely fashion and that all neccesary measures are taken. Within the EMRIC collaboration, agreements have been made to ensure that the dispatch centres inform each other in a timely fashion whenever the effects of these incidents are noticeable in neighbouring countries. Here one could think of a large cloud of smoke which can be seen or smelled from a neighbouring country. In addition, agreements are made to ensure that assistance can be requested from neighbouring countries. This is done to ensure that the public is aided as quickly as possible. 

The measurement of concentrations of hazardous substances is also alligned between the countries of the Euregion Meuse-Rhine.