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EMRIC+ project

The Emric+ project is the follow-up project of Emric and was likewise subsidized by Interreg. The following organizations are formal partners in Emric+:

  • Veiligheidsregio Zuid-Limburg, onderdeel Brandweer
  • Province of Liège
  • Province of Limburg (B)
  • Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, Kreisverband Städteregion Aachen
  • Städteregion Aachen
  • Kreis Heinsberg
  • GGD Zuid Limburg


The project deals with euregional cooperation in the field of public safety and thus includes the areas of firefighting, technical assistance and emergency medical care. Catastrophes and crises cannot be stopped by state borders. In the complex border region of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, the legally required standards for the safety of citizens must be met as much as possible despite the difficult border situation. Differences in legal background and differences in organization, procedures and competencies between the different services complicate the cooperation.

The approach of the project was to create an office to support operational services (i.e. representatives of fire departments, ambulance services and hospitals, services for the combatting of infectious diseases) and the responsible positions in administrations and politics in their ambition to face the abovementioned challenge. Next to the safeguarding of the cooperation, the project included the following products:

  1. Crisis and risk communication
  2. Exercises and advancement of the existing plans
  3. Eumic (euregional IC transports)
  4. BTCCE (Boundless Traume Care Central Europe
  5. Arrangements in the field of incidents with hazardous materials
  6. Combatting infectious diseases
  7. Legal aspects of the cooperation
  8. Realistic simulation of accidents