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"EUMIC" is a project, set up by the focus group Eumed, focusing on quality improvement and harmonization of inter-hospital IC-transports within the Euregion Meuse-Rhine. Currently, the availability of IC-ambulances, also referred to as Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICU), varies widely within the regions Zuid-Limburg, Stadt Aachen, Kreis Heinsberg and Städteregion Aachen. From the perspective of the involved personnel, availability of services is insufficient for the 3.000 inter-hospital transport that take place each year. In the different countries, deviant transport systems are used and every region has its own bottlenecks that prevent 24 hour availability. Reasons include the large time- and cost investments needed to ensure 24/7 availability. It is exactly this ideal, of infinite availability within the three regions, that has been the driver for EUMIC. 

By collaboration between the regions, - and possibly other IC-transport regions - available vehicles can be used optimally, to improve the quality of IC-transports without raising costs. With this goal, quality indicators for IC-transport are developed and categories for IC-patients created, to allow for the use of appropriate transport systems to be matched with IC-patient categories. In addition, transports should become available at night, in the weekends and on holidays. This should not only be realized for cross-border- but also for national IC-transports. This to allow the EUMIC concept to be used as an example for other European regions. The aim is not only to improve regional efficiency for IC-transport, but also to develop new concepts of care during IC-transport. A scientific study would precede this project. The project is led by Ulrich Strauch, anesthesiologist - intensive care specialist in the "Maastricht universitair medisch centrum (MUMC)". 


Part of the EUMIC project is the “Quality of inter-hospital critical care transportation in the Euregion Meuse-Rhine (QUIT-EMR)” study, which is currently being conducted under supervision of Ulrich Strauch. Aim of this research to study the validity and reliability of two scores, namely: 

  • QUIT-EMR score – analyses the quality of transports
  • SEMROS (simplified EMR outcome score) – analyses the changes in clinical condition of the patient in the 24 hours following transport


The researchers hope that this study will give an idea on which transport system is most suited to transport specific types of patients. An elaborate description of the study and its methodology can be found in the article that was published in 2017.