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Dispatch centres

With about 1200 cross-border deployments per year, it should be clear that the dispatch centres within the Euregion Meuse-Rhine are in contact with each other regularly. To make sure the procedure to alert resources is as efficient as possible, the head of the 9 dispatch centres have been meeting every three months for the past 15 years. Within these meetings, the heads of the dispatch centres keep each other up to date on developments and make agreements to improves existing procedures. 

The following dispatch centres are involved in this collaboration:

  • Dispatch centre Brandweer Limburg (NL)
  • Dispatch centre Ambulancezorg Limburg (NL)
  • Dispatch centre Oost-Limburg (BE)
  • Dispatch centre Hasselt (BE)
  • Dispatch centre Liège (BE)
  • Dispatch centre Städteregion Aachen (DE)
  • Dispatch centre Kreis Heinsberg (DE)
  • Dispatch centre Kreis Düren (DE)
  • Dispatch centre Kreis Euskirchen (DE)


When requests are made for assistance by neighbouring regions, tri-lingual standard forms are used after first requesting  assistance over the phone. 

Also information exchange during incidents with cross-border effects is arranged using standardised tri-lingual forms