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The focus group BUKS  has established the working group divers, where specialists in this field meet and collectively prepare the rescue of persons in and on the water. Participants of this working group focus on cross-border assistance during incidents on the water, where dive teams from abroad can help increase capacity. Within this working group, the usual EMRIC partners take part, where the German THW represents the city of Aachen and the Städteregion Aachen, as they don't have their own dive team. In addition, Veiligheidsregio Limburg-Noord takes part in this collaboration. 

Collective exercises:

On the 9th of June 2017, an international dive exercise took place in Beringen, where dive teams from Limburg-Noord (NL), Zuid-Limburg (NL), THW Aachen (DE) and teams from Maasmechelen (BE), Genk (BE) and Liège (BE) took part. The aim of this exercise was to get to know each other's work processes by using a scenario where a person needed to be rescued from a vehicle. In addition, emergency procedures of each dive team were demonstrated. During this exercise, it became clear that working processes are very similar, which improves collaboration and trust. 


Images: THW