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Hazardous substances

When hazardous materials are released, measuring, interpreting, advising on and taking adequate measures, as well as informing neighbouring regions are of the utmost importance. On all these points, Euregional collaboration is taking place. The German measuring teams are often deployed in the Netherlands, due to their advanced measuring techniques and possibilities. A collective interpretation of the measurement data is the next step, to ensure that advise can be given on measures to be taken. 

With respect to informing neighbouring regions on incidents with hazardous materials, it has been agreed upon that the dispatch centre(s) in the affected region, as well as one dispatch centre per country, will be informed. These dispatch centres will inform the other dispatch centres within their own region. The first notifications are sent out, using a tri-lingual form. Hereafter, on can follow how the incident develops, using the crisis management system (LCMS, ICMS) of the source region.