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Infectious diseases

In the field of cross-border public safety, infectious disease prevention is very important. Infectious diseases can, at first, often spread easily and without being noticed. Due to the intensive cross-border movements and many people living or working abroad, a local infectious disease or an outbreak can quickly have cross-border consequences. It is therefore essential that professionals working in the field of infectious disease prevention in the Euregion Meuse-Rhine to know and inform each other and, if necessary, come into action collaboratively. Only then, appropriate action can be taken to identify and eliminate a source of contamination and prevent new cases. In the Euregion Meuse-Rhine, this is done collaboratively. The institutions responsible for infectious disease prevention work closely together. On average three times a year, an Euregional meeting between doctors and nurses of the focus group infectious diseases takes place. Relevant outcomes are communicated to the respective directors. In addition, professionals alert each other, using a standardized cross-border form, on cases with a cross-border impact, striking disease profiles and (impeding) Euregional outbreaks. The three countries work together using their own national protocols complemented by Euregional agreements. During a pilot project, an electronic dashboard has been used to show real-time anonymous infectious diseases data. This would ensure constant up to date information on infectious diseases. Such real-time date exchange improves timely detection and appropriate Euregional response on possible cross-border infectious disease threats.